Static and

Dynamic Postural & R.O.M.Analysis

Before you start any treatment program, it's important to get a postural and core assessment. A body postural assessment shows how your muscles and joints work together and if there are any imbalances to be corrected. We, me as a therapist and you as a client, need to see what muscles are short and tight versus long and weak. If a person has an ankle sprain on the left side, an assessment will show if his or her walk has been altered. This will also show how the person compensates one side versus the other side.

The body naturally wants to use its stronger side, which can cause torsion in the pelvic musculature and core stabilizers. The body functions at its best when it's in correct posture. When the body is in correct postural alignment, it moves evenly and distributes weight appropriately. The muscles, joints and spine work together help you perform your best at any sport without pain. If something is out of alignment, injury can occur and you'll have to spend time recovering from the injury.

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